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Welcome to the Pouakai Zoo website

Pouakai Zoo is a Taranaki tradition. It has been open for nearly four decades, a place where children of the past can bring a new generation of children or even grandchildren to visit the zoo over and over again. The memories of being chased by the geese while you are trying to feed them or walking through the native bush area have created everlasting memories and has made the zoo a part of the Taranaki heritage.

The zoo prides itself on having the most beautiful large cat species on the West Coast, New Zealand. Aslan (our male lion) looks straight into your eyes and demands your respect: he is still the king of the animal kingdom within Pouakai Zoo. Our gibbons love serenading to see which one has the higher-pitched voice. Our two donkeys are the friendliest and most well-behaved animals. Our ostrich on the other hand may snatch the animal food when you are not looking!

Our animals all have their own individual personalities and they would be very happy if you could visit them. Our zoo is like an ark to our animals under the beautiful Mount Taranaki where it can protect animal well-being and provide an everlasting safe house for them. We work with other zoos and the local community to provide a balance between visitor interaction with animals and sustainability.

We are looking forward to making your visit a memorable experience!